Learn and Earn these two things (Money is not the only thing you can earn)

It is believed that for Man to live and take care of himself and his family, he needs to find a (if not some) means to earn money.

But Man has gotten into this that they sometimes forget or never even know that there are some necessary things that can be earned aside from money and those things even pave way for more money to be earned.

Here are the few things that should be earned aside money :

1. Earn Trust

Believe me trust travels a long distance in one’s life and there’s no aspect of life that doesn’t require trust. Name it, relationships, businesses, even among friends too. For instance, there are friends you can give your ATM card to help you withdraw some cash while there are some you wouldn’t even dare give but you call them all your friend.

There are two major ways to earn trust.

  • Trust yourself : no one will trust you on anything if you don’t trust yourself on that same thing.
  • Trust others : ”how can I trust someone who doesn’t trust me” that sounds so familiar right?. For you to earn trust, you need to learn how to trust.
  • Other ways include, always keeping to your words and promises, what you know you can’t fulfil don’t promise.

2. Earn respect

This is another important thing to earn. I have an area brother that respects me but fails to respect a friend of mine and this has caused them not to be in good terms for long. I then summoned the guy one day and asked why he addresses my friend rudely, then he told me my friend never respected his elder brother too, so what’s the point respecting him. Am I the only one pondering on what will happen between my friend’s brother and the guy?
There are two major ways to earn respect :

  • Respect yourself : never pass your boundary, before any action, come out of yourself and access that action you wanna take. A set of people are talking, you then jump in to contribute having little or no idea of what their discussion entails, after messing up, you now be like ”sorry o, I thought that was what you were saying” (Nicompoop).
  • Give respect : if my friend had respected the guy’s brother, there’s no doubt the guy would respect him too. So to earn respect, you need give respect.
  • Other ways includes : stop gossiping, stop passing blame on someone, try not to be the right person people would call on to testify even when you know about everything. When you’re always the right person people call on to testify, you’re burying the respect people have for you.

Two staffs (one works with trust and respect but the other although being trustworthy, never cares or respected any one) in a company brought their brothers with same qualifications to apply for a contract. What do you think can give one a upper hand to the other.

Start building respect and trust for yourself and for others, these two alone can define your personality. #stay alive


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