Changing our approach to God in prayers : praying with faith and authority

While praying, we need to understand the greatness of God and set our hearts to believe in the finished work of his only begotten son on the cross of Calvary.

We need to start praying with faith and authority. It’s time to stop telling God how big our problems are but to start telling the problems how big our God is.

We are heirs to his throne, it’s yet time we pray like we’re are requesting for our rights from God.

We need to start making references to God’s works and deeds of old while praying.

Having mentioned this, I’ll file out some approach to prayers that are believed to show less faith and authority and corrections to them.

  • Asking for Mercy

Lord please, have mercy on me

This can be in a more refined way

Father, it is written in your words that thou hath crowned me with tender mercies and your mercies endureth forever, so I stand to believe in your words and promises and I ask for Devine mercy in the name of Jesus.

  • Praying for healing

Father please heal me, I’m tired of this sickness. It’s been over some weeks now.

You sound defeated praying like this. Imagine, how can you tell God you’re tired of one sickness when you ought to tell that sickness that the spirit of God that is in you cannot accommodate that sickness again.

Father, your son has died on the cross of Calvary and your words says by his tribes I’m healed, so I stand on your words to command this sickness to stop in the name of Jesus.

  • Praying against all sort of informalities

Father please, I’m tired of being poor. Put an end to barrenness, retrogression, stagnancy and financial embarrassment in my life.

With no iota of doubt, this is a good prayer point but it lacks fire, it is deficient of faith and authority.

Father, everything I’ve read about you made me understand that you dwell in riches and wealth, so why will I have you in me and still dwell in poverty and lack. Lord in your kingdom, there is no barrenness, stagnancy and lack amongst others, so why will all this be present in me when I’ve crowned you king over my life, NO. Also lord, your son said on the cross ”it is finished” so I attach my faith to the cross and I decree and declare, poverty, stagnancy and barrenness should expire in my life in the name of Jesus.

I wanna believe you got the points I’m trying to bring out from this. Those prayer points are not wrong but they show little or no faith and authority.

As I conclude, Every prayer without the name of Jesus is powerless. We are dealing with powers and not blood (Ephesians 6 vs 10-15) so we have to declare in the name that is above all powers.

God bless us all as we pray with an increased level of faith and authority. #stayalive

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