Fire of God : selectivity of God’s fire

The fire of God
Fire of God

Fire of God : selectivity of God’s fire

There is no end to the effectiveness of the fire of God in a believer’s life. (Leviticus 9 : 24, 1 kings 18:39, numbers 11:1). The occurrence in the above listed Bible passages explains that if there’s a man to keeps God’s words and call upon him for fire, there’s a God who is ever ready to render his fire, no matter the situation.

Everything I read about God made me understand that the His fire can burn even on the Red Sea.

The Holy Ghost Fire has numerous characteristics but I’ll be talking about just one which is the Selectivity of God’s fire. I’ll be explaining with an illustration and my fellow agriculturists should understand this illustration better.

If a farmer wants to weed his maize farm using herbicides (chemicals), he knows that if he should apply just any chemical, it would surely eliminate the weeds and probably damage his crops too. Therefore, there’s need for him to get a herbicide that will eradicate the weeds and leave the maize plants healthy , this is where selective herbicides comes in.

In agriculture, selective herbicides (depending on the type of plants) selects and kills any weed present on the farmland. It then leaves the plants healthy (note that it availed water for the plants). I trust you understood this illustration.

Moving on, the fire of God when asked and called upon comes for two major missions, which are;

  • To consume, and

  • To strengthen.

So the selectivity comes in when it has to choose what to consume and what to strengthen.

The Holy Ghost fire selects anything that is not of God for consumption and strengthens everything that is of God.

When a man of God (a believer) cries asking for fire and it comes upon him, believe me it burns in and around him. Giving him strength to consume everything that is not of God in and around him.

So what are the things which are not of God?

  • God is glorious, he lives in riches and wealth, so poverty and financial embarrassment are not of God.
  • He is healthy ,so sicknesses are not of God.
  • God has never failed, so failure is not of God.
  • The Spirit of God is holy and never sins, so the spirit of sins and every other demonic spirits are not of God.

Just name everything that is not of God in you, they are what the fire of God selects for consumption.

What are the things the fire strengthens?

  • You can’t expect the Holy Ghost fire to consume the Holy Spirit. No, they work together.

It is very important to take note that you calling on the fire of God while serving and worshiping other gods means you’re calling on the fire God to select you for consumption.

Can something which is not burning be called fire?

Everything that’s not of God are powered by powers and principalities (Ephesians 6:12). So we need to keep this fire burning for it to keep everything that has been consumed from resurfacing.

This fire can only be called upon through prayers and only prayers can keep it burning.

In conclusion, what are those things that are not of God in you, start calling on the fire of God through prayers to consume them right away.

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