Spiritual Siesta {nap, drowse or trance}

Spiritual Siesta {nap, drowse or trance}

Spiritual siesta is a short sleep that involves spiritual revelations.

Most of the revelations and visions revealed to men of God in the Bible were during siestas, trances or naps.

The last revelation I personally had about a week ago was during a siesta and it was in fact the greatest one I’ve ever had in my whole life till this present moment.


A nap or siesta is a short rest during the sunny hours of the day. We’ll tend to disregard the sunny hours as used in the definition and view it as any hour of the day.

A man of God listed sleep among those fire extinguishers the rulers of darkness uses to prevent the fire of God from burning in a believer’s life. But sleep can also serve as a medium of exposing secrets and revelations if it is spiritual.

I’ve been under a roof with a testifier that said all his examination questions were revealed to him in a dream.

Siestas or sleeps can cause a great damage in one’s life and can at same pace serve as a tool of blessing in another.

The nap the young prophet in {1 kings 13} had led to his death while in {Genesis 46} Jacob received blessings and assurance of greatness from God when sleeping.

It is something to have a nap but it is another thing entirely when the nap is spiritual.

A nap without a revelation is good medically but that with revelation is a sign of spiritual healthiness.

Like my mother would always say ”God do reveal secrets and things that will occur in the nearest future to us through dreams and revelations so we can pray ahead of time”.

When God wanted to tell Peter about what would happen in Cornelius’ house, it was through a trance.{Acts 10:10}. Imagine the whole of Revelations was revealed to John in a sleep.

Talking of revelations, it is a gift of the spirit and a spiritual weapon. So one has to charge more in the spirit to receive the gift of revelations.

When the eyes isn’t working how can one see. When the spiritual organs are not working, how can revelations be seen.

The spiritual organs are the eyes and ears. Pray for God to breathe his breath that gives life unto your eyes and ears for you to see and hear the things of the Spirit.

In conclusion, too much of sleeps {naps, siestas, trances, drowses etc.} are useless when they are not spiritual. They are fire extinguishers and devices used by the Devil. And remember our enemies are not sleeping, they are always roaming about looking for whom to devour. {1 Peter 5:8}

Pray! Pray! and Pray! always, that’s the only way to get your spiritual organs working effectively and efficiently. {1 Thess 5:17}.

Prayer is the only way to turn a short sleep into a spiritual siesta.

#stay alive.

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