Pathways to success


Success is a common word everyone loves to claim to their self. Hardly can we see a soul on earth that doesn’t want to be successful in life.

Success is attained and nothing I repeat nothing would be attainable without going through a process. So pathways would serve as a substitute for processes as we go on.

A successful man would always point to one or several pathways he has followed.

It is important to note that success is on the other end of the pathway you are threading coming at the same pace with you. The faster you go, the faster it moves and the earlier you meet and vice versa.

Enough said, the worst thing a man who wills to succeed can do is never to thread a pathway.

For every pathway, there is always an approach. So briefly, I’ll be hinting us on some approaches to pathways.

Approaches to pathways to success

There are 2 major approaches to pathways, they include;

  • Threading a Ready-made pathway
  • Originating your pathway.

Threading a Ready-made pathway to success

This means following a trail. When you’re employed you’re following a trail. Your Boss is the one that originated the pathway you’re following. This is not considered bad reason being many employees have made it and are still making it till date. In fact some will even tell you they are okay and comfortable as an employee. But truth need to be told, if you’re an employee and you’ve never for once thought of and made plans of being an employer , you’re wrong and threading the pathway to failure.

Originating your Pathway

This means building up your own pathway. In everything you do, always have the plan of becoming a founder, an originator or a CEO.

Ways to building up Pathways;

Building up a pathway as an employee

If your current salary feeds and sustains you for a month and still encourages savings, you don’t need to quit before building your own pathway.

Building up a pathway as an unemployed.

Considering the high unemployment rate and how picky organisations and firms are when recruiting staffs, many no longer see hunting for jobs as an option.

It’s known that for every successful organization there’s always an Idea but ideas alone can’t set up a school. Lack of financial assistance has killed quite a number of ideas.

So building up one’s pathway as an unemployed can be achieved in two ways ;

  1. Financial support from family or friends. It is easy for a rich man’s son to get rich and the kind of friends you keep also determines your greatness in a way.
  2. Getting a loan. This isn’t very easy nowadays but there’s always a loan for astounding ideas. Many people will say getting a loan to start up a is risky but I don’t think they know the percentage of businesses that are powered by loans.

Note : Start small and expand. It is better to start small and expand instead of getting a loan. Also even after getting a loan, if you endeavor to start up a business, do not make the mistake of investing all the money. Invest a very little amount, wait and get the returns and increase the amount you invest each time you get your returns.

In conclusion, there are quite a number of factors that determines Success in life and they include;

  • Ideas
  • Plans
  • Financial support
  • Consistency
  • Innovativity
  • Etc

It is important to know the only factor that comes first, stays within and comes last is prayer. So pray! Pray! Pray! .


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