God’s words and Voice : A case study of Lazarus and the Centurion’s servant

God's words and voice. A case study of Lazarus and the Centurion's servant.
God's words and voice


God’s words and voice are fire but His words alone are effective even when not heard directly.

When one asks;

what is a word without a voice?

it is best answered with;

What is a voice that doesn’t come through the ears?


Physically, a word would be of no effect if the object doesn’t hear it (whether directly or indirectly). But the old works of Jesus have proved to us that words are effective even when not heard.

We’ll center this discussion on two occurrences in the Bible. Which are when Jesus rose Lazarus up {John 11} and when he healed the Centurion’s servant {Luke 7 : 7-10}.

God's words and voice.
God’s words and Voice. A case study of Lazarus and the Centurion’s servant.

John 11:43 And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.

This verse connotes that Lazarus rose up when Jesus cried with a loud voice. So the presence of Jesus at the grave means it was His words alongside His Voice that rose Lazarus from the Grave.

If we go through the story of the Centurion servant’s healing. Jesus was not present where the servant was laying sick.

Luke 7 vs 7 -10

This verses explains how the Centurion sent some of  his servants to Jesus to inform him about the illness of one of his beloved and faithful servant. Now after Jesus has obeyed his visit and was on His way to the Centurions house. He ran to Jesus and told him to speak from there that he understands what authority means.

On hearing that, Jesus marveled and said he has not seen such faith in Israel.

To cut it short, the servant was healed before those that were sent to Jesus got back.

Here is one of my favorite Bible passage on Faith.

These verses explain that the Centurion’s servant that was sick did not hear the voice of Jesus before he received healing. Some may say it was the Centurion’s faith that healed him but I’ll ask “what did he attach his faith to?

Note : this post is not to weigh the effectiveness of  God’s words and voice separately but to explain the supernatural abilities of His words even when not heard.

I pray God speaks into your lives today in Jesus name, Amen.


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