Good Parenting
Lazarus and the Centurions servant as a case study.


Are you tired of beating and shouting on your kids or siblings? Do you want to add to your good parenting skills? If yes, this should really help you.

I remain one person that no longer believe in beating kids every time they do wrong things or whenever they exhibit unpleasant characters and behaviors. Some kids no longer gets frightened whenever you want to beat them so why insist on giving them their regularities.

I have two young siblings and believe me they can be extremely frustrating at times. So lately, on the course of not wanting to flog them as usual. I discovered a technique of putting an end to the bad nature kids portrays these days.

Tell your kid or young sibling to kneel and pray for 30 minutes and mark my words you won’t have to repeat things or shout at him/her again.

The very first time I tried this on my kid brother aged 9, he composed a song. From that very first day, each time he remembers the punishment attached to bad behaviors, he composes himself and adjust.

Its high time we limit the rate at which we shout at our kids. We should start giving them bible passages to read whenever they act bad.

Putting into consideration the rate at which rape cases are rampaging these days. It is better and easier to train a child than to correct a youth.

The bible made us understand if we should coach a kid the way he should grow, when he is old he won’t depart from it.

I know of a man that rain curses on his children whenever they get on his nerve. There’s no doubt these kids can infuriate one’s life. But we should learn to deal with this situation with a situation changer.

In conclusion, It is imperative to know that one doesn’t have to wait till kids behave wrongly before ordering them to do these necessary things. Good parenting goes a long way in a child’s life.

Train your kid in God’s way today and place your mind at rest.


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