Prayer : Effects and reasons for Prayers.



What is PRAYER?

As commonly described, Prayer is the communication between man and the Supernatural Being which in a simpler form means conversing with God.

Prayer is an investment. In fact the only investment you can send to the future without the needs of paper works.

If you invest in a land, you’ll surely need the papers of the land before claiming its ownership in the future.

But when you invest in prayers to God, you need no earthly paper works before seeing its result. It is in between you and the heavens.

Also, Prayer is what gives God permission to interfere on earth. In Genesis 1 vs 28, God said man should have dominion over the earth. This means Man rules the earth. When a king rules, he dominates and nothing can be done in his kingdom without his consent. So if a man wants God to interfere in the affairs of his life, he needs to invite him through prayers.

In addition, Prayer is what gives authority to the residence power in Man. There are two main types of power. Namely,

  • Dunamis
  • Exousia

Dunamis is the residence power in a man while Exousia is the power of authority or better still authority in power.

What is power without authority?

If we do not pray, the residence power in us will remain dormant without authority. So prayer is what transforms Dunamis to Exousia.

There are several definitions and meanings to prayer. Some will say prayer is the key to everything, it is very true because there are some doors that physical keys cannot open.


  • We face daily battles against Principalities and Powers. (Ephesians 6 vs 10 to 20)

As believers, we are on a pilgrim journey and on this journey we face daily battles. Those we are facing are not flesh and blood like us meaning that all earthly weapons are useless if we want to win our daily battles. We need to charge and always pray for us to overcome this battle and get to the finish line of our race. Not only getting to the finish line but crossing the finish line into Eternal life.

  • The Devil Hunts and Hurts always. (1 peter 5 vs 8)

This also confirms our needs for prayers. The devil is always at alert, he walks and works always. Likewise, we too should never loose guards. Pray!

  • To overcome the spirit of sin and prevent falling into temptation. Luke 22 vs 40

Even Jesus knew there are lot of temptations ahead of us, he advised us to pray, so we won’t fall into them. Also, man should always charge his spirit with prayers to overcome flesh.

  • To receive answers to prayers. (Daniel 10 vs 13)

There are several times God has answered our prayers but some demonic angels are standing on the way and depriving us of our answers. Just like how the Prince of Persia delayed the angel bringing Daniel’s response.


When a farmer sprays pesticides on his farm but pests doesn’t stop invading the farm, the pesticide has no effect.

Relating the effects of prayer to those who prayed to the lord and received answers in the Bible, there’s virtually nothing prayers cannot do.

It is said that Prayer is putting our request to God, it is also said that God is the supernatural being that nothing is impossible for. So prayer is the permission we give to the Doer of all things therefore prayer does all things.

There are quite a number of people that prayed and saw the effects of their prayers. People like Daniel, King David, Hannah to mention a few.

In this teaching, we will be siting King Hezekiah’s story in Isaiah 36 & 37 as example.

Isaiah 36

This bible passage explains to us how Rabshakeh the servant of Sennacherib King of Assyria threatened Jerusalem of the future captivity that would befall them. Eliakam and the rest were even pleading for him not to shout aloud in other not to place fear in the minds of the people.

Isaiah 37 vs 14 to 16

I’d love us to go through this passage but it is a bit long, do well to read personally. So here, Hezekiah even received a letter from Rabshakeh but this time around he took it to the house of the Lord, laid it down for God to read, and he PRAYED.

Isaiah 37 vs 36 to 38

After receiving words of confirmation from prophet Elijah, God turned the fumble of king of Assyria into vain words and killed him at last. Not forgetting the destruction he wrath through a single Angel.

I urge us to make our prayer lives more important than our lives itself. A prayer a day is a devil away.


This write up won’t make any sense if its void of those things that makes us pray without receiving answers to our prayers.

  • Sin

Psalms 66 vs 18

Sinners can’t receive answers to prayer and not only prayers, they can’t obtain their passport to heaven in sin. STAY AWAY FROM SIN.

  • Praying Amiss;

James 4 vs 3

The motive of your prayers matters a lot. Are your requests in line with God’s words?

A great man of God once shared the story of two women with the same surname. Both of them asking him to pray for God to kill one another. A wife praying for God to kill her mother-in-law and the mother-in-law asking God to kill her Son’s wife.

Endeavor to scrutinize your requests if you want God’s response.

In conclusion, Prayer is a shield, a soldier with a shield on the battlefield but doesn’t have a sword won’t go very far. Not to talk of a soldier with neither a sword nor a shield.

PRAYER is our shield The word of God is our sword. Let’s endeavor to pray and understand the word of God so as to finish our race on earth.


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