Spiritual power as a function of the Holy spirit and Holy-ghost fire

Spiritual Power
Spiritual power as a function of the Holy spirit and the Holy Ghost Fire

Spiritual power as a function of the Holy spirit and Holy-ghost fire

The collision of the Holy-ghost fire and Holy Spirit gives Spiritual power.

When one wants to burn refuse, fuel alone cannot burn even when poured massively on the refuse.

But immediately you light it up, it catches fire. That’s burning Power.

So fuel {Holy Spirit} requires lightening {Holy-ghost fire} to give burning power {Spiritual Power}. And this is done through Praying.

When the Holy Spirit enters a man, He comes in with full package. That is, the Holy Ghost Fire and Spiritual power.

But we need to understand all these might be inactive in a man that is Prayerless.

Fire is known for its burning power. Therefore when it burns in man, it Powers him.

When a man charges through Prayers for Fire, the Holy Spirit supplies him with the Holy Ghost Fire. Thereby releasing and activating the Spiritual Power in him.

Therefore, the factor that aids the collision of the Holy spirit and the Holy-ghost Fire is PRAYER.

Holy Spirit X Holy-ghost Fire = Spiritual Power.

Where X equals Prayer.

What happens when one is Spiritually Powerful?

  1. You have dominion and authority over powers and principalities.
  2. You have the power to overcome sins and temptation.
  3. Your have power over every agents of death. {Sicknesses, diseases and every infirmities}.

In conclusion, many people have the Holy Spirit in them but still dwell in sins.

This is because they don’t pray enough for the Spirit to supply them with the Holy Ghost Fire thereby quickening {Powering} them against flesh.

I urge us to dwell more in the place of prayer and summon more of God’s fire to quicken our spirit against flesh. Read Fire of God

For us to remain born again and for our souls to be saved, we need to do away with flesh. Read Salvation

Stay safe and Healthy.


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