Love as a Fruit of the Spirit

Know Love before falling in love
Know Love before falling in love

Love as a Fruit of the Spirit.


Love is a mystery and has a wide range of scope but I trust on God to help us simplify it here.

Bible Text – Galatians 5 : 22&23.

This passage explains to us that love is one of the fruits of the Spirit and 1st Cor 13:13 further summarised love to be the greatest of all the fruits the Spirit sows in man.

God is Love and the Holy Spirit that births this fruit in man is the Spirit of God. Hence, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love.

We cannot forget the fact that fruits grows. Therefore, love as a fruit ought to be growing in man. The more we practice love and charge in the spirit, the more it grows.

What is Love?

The Bible recorded that God is Love. His deeds also affirms Him being Love.

1 John 4 vs 8

1 John 4 vs 8

The creation of man in His likeness was out of love. It takes love for a successful businessman to assist a young man to be as rich as he is. But God expended so much love on us to have His exact image.

As if the love He had for us since the beginning of the world wasn’t enough, He still sent His only lovely Son (Christ) to save us and show us the way when the devil had encamped us in sins.

What a great Love indeed.

I was imagining we having to do walking subscription just like DSTV and we stop walking immediately the subscription expires.

Now let’s consider a situation whereby one’s walking subscription expires while crossing an expressway. Expressway I repeat.

There’s nothing compared to God’s love.

However, Love today has been taken so lightly. And this is because we don’t practice love in God’s way.

We hardly find genuine love even among christain couples today. This is because they didn’t enquire to know Love before falling in love.

If you don’t know Love{God} before you fall in love, you’ll either end up falling out of love or drowning in Lust.

How did God tell us to love?

When Jesus was asked which was the greatest of all His laws {commandments}, He said in Matt 22:37 that we should love God with all our might, soul and mind.

If you love God with your might, you’ll derive joy in working for Him relentlessly.

When you love Him with your soul and mind, your worship to Him will be true and will surely be in spirit.

Also, you won’t find pleasure going against His commandments neither will you hesitate to make His will yours.

In verse 39 of this same chapter, Jesus said the second greatest among his commandments is for us to love our neighbors just as we love ourselves. Matt 22:39.

This simply means we should treat our neighbors the exact way we treat ourselves.

I understand some people even treat theirself in a kind of strict manner at times but we can share love by not subduing our neighbors to such treatments.

Looking from Luke 6 vs 27 to 31, Christ told us to love our enemies and be good to those who hates us. He said we should bless those who curse us. Hmm, did you just sigh?

This passage entails doings that seems so impossible. Nowadays that we impatiently throw punch when one merely address us in a rude manner, not to talk of when we get punched first.

Although, if we truly love Christ with our might and mind, we would always do His will with Jesus’ joy.

Lastly, God wants us to love in a way that’s totally different from the worldly love. Luke 6:32-35

Verse 35 of the above text reveals that there’s even a reward When man loves in the way of Christ.

This will lead us to benefits of loving God.

God’s promises to His lovers.

  1. All things works together for good for those who love Him Romans 8:28
  2. God has a crown for His lovers. James 1:12
  3. There are hidden treasures for them. 1 Cor 2:9
  4. He promised His lovers grace Ephesians 6:24
  5. There’s no condemnation for them. Romans 8:1
  6. Manifestation. John 14:21

God’s promises for His lovers has no end. Eyes have not even seen nor ears heard those things he has in store for his lovers. 1 Cor 2:9

I urge us to focus on God’s kind of love to our neighbors and even to our enemies. For God himself will abide in us even as we do. 1 John 4:16

Putting into consideration how people of this present world detest true love, loving as God told us may not be easy.

However, it is imperative we understand that we need not to recognise or consider things of the world, for even the world didn’t recognise Christ neither did Christ consider their unrecognition not to carry out His love-planned assignment in the world.

We are members of the body of Christ but we need to be lovers and not just members.

God wants to raise Lovers and not just Members

For if the eyes is itching but the hand fails to show love by scratching, what relationship is there among members?

If one fails to show love to his fellow member in Christ how much more his enemies who’s not a member?

I pray the Spirit of Love will birth the fruit of love in us and increase our understanding about God’s love in Jesus name.

Have you learnt anything?

Did you see something very useful?

Do you have something to contribute?

kindly utilize the comment box and share love by sharing to your friends and family.

Stay safe and loveable.


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