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must one pray in one's native tongue?
must one pray in one's native tongue?

Question for the Week – Is it compulsory you pray in your native tongue?

The Bible tells us that Speaking in tongues {praying in the spirit} is one of the weapon {Spiritual gift}a believer needs on a pilgrim journey to overcome daily battles.

But not everybody has this spiritual gift yet. Also when communicating to God in prayers, we pray in our language {either our mother’s tongue or any language we understand} along with the language of the Spirit.

Now, some weeks ago, I was praying with my mother and she asked;

Why are you always praying in English?

Still staring at her and trying to give her a response, she furthermore said;

It is the language that our enemies used while exerting their evil works that can nullify the effects of their works.

I couldn’t answer her because we to had call it off so it won’t distract our prayers. And we never made mention of it again till today.

So after having some thoughts, I realized she asked probably because each time we pray, even if she calls the prayer points in Yoruba, I would translate and pray mine in English. Along side speaking in tongues.

So the question for the week is;

Apart from speaking in tongues, is it necessary for one to pray in his/her native tongue?

Share your thoughts in the comment box and make sure you read other comments to correct, concur or even learn.

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