Question for this week

Question for this week

Apart from praying and studying the Bible, What 3 important things should a believer never fail to do in a day?

Consistency and persistence are two very hard thing to deal with. To the extent that we tend to find it difficult to do a particular thing everyday for a whole month.

As we all know it is pertinent for a believer to pray everyday. This is because prayer serves as a shield{among many others} to man. Read effect of prayers

A rich man who was threatened by thieves went to arrange securities to guard him. The theives on hearing the man had securities didn’t go to attack him again.

But one day, the guards went off and the man was without securities. Then the thieves came and stole from the man.

A day without prayers makes man vulnerable.

little Samaritan

Now knowing why and how important daily prayer is, what are other important things a believer must never fail to do in a day?

Drop you answers to the question for this week in the comment box below 👇.

Pray, Stay safe and Healthy

NB – This is a religious blog and every thing that’s doesn’t go inline with God’s words should be ignored


  1. Hmmm, one of the things I think is creating a spiritual atmosphere around you. It could be by listening to inspired songs, audiotapes and videos, it helps put the mind in perspective. Fellowshipping with others, not necessarily a worship service, maybe just discussing a scripture character with a friend and laughing over it. And thirdly, learning to lean and listen to God’s leading daily, very important. The Christian life is a life, not a routine.

  2. As a Christian three things that must be included in our daily schedule include;
    #Evangelism (Mark 16:15)
    A day should not pass without you telling at least one person that Jesus loves you…souls without Christ are perishing day by day, Remember there is Joy in Heaven over a soul that repents…#saveasoulperday

    #Giving (Luke 6:38)
    Take it as a responsibility and priority to put a smile on at least a person’s face daily…giving is one of the best way…you see at times there is no prayer for blessings, the more you give, the more you receive, the less you give, the less you receive…it’s an automatic something…#giversneverlack

    #Reconciliation (Ephesians 4:26)
    You see we live in a very small World that you can sleep in the night and not wake up the next morning, Man pls do not keep grudge till the next, find a way to settle it that very day before going to bed, remember that very line in the Lord’s prayer “as we forgive those who trespass against us”…No matter our shortcomings, God forgives us! Learn to live a forgiving life, reconcile and make peace with all men #Livelifelikenotomorrow

  3. Apart from studying the Word and prayer.. It is advisable to keep making peace with all men per time.. Avoid unrepented trouble makers. Human behavior can be so frustrating atimes.. Try as much as possible thru d help of the holy spirit to Make peace with all.

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