Spiritual Organs

Spiritual Organs

Looking from the dictionary meaning of Organs, they are a group of tissues that carry out a specific function in the human body.

The above definition connotes the functionality of organs and we have several organs in the human body. They include eyes for seeing and nose for perceiving among others.

Spiritual organs are organs or parts of the body that functions {and are very important} in the Spiritual Realm.

They are in two groups. Which are;

  1. Receiving Organs
  2. Discharging organs

Receiving Organs.

The Spiritual realm is a realm that is superior to mere human and the physical realm. And the greatest in the spiritual realm is the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of God.

As believers, we tend to receive directions and instructions from God.

Therefore, receiving organs are the organs that aids reception of instructions and directions from God.

There are two organs in the human body that receives directions and instructions from God. They are ;

  1. Eyes
  2. Ears

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Discharging Organs.

Just as the name sounds, these are organs that are used to discharge what we receive from God.

The visions, directions and instructions obtained with the receiving organs are not to be kept dormant, we need to discharge them.

Every part of our body should glorify God and express his works in as much as we were made in His image. But there are two very important organs in man’s body that we mostly use to discharge God’s work.

They include;

  1. Tongue
  2. Hand

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The Heart

A very important part of the body we can classify under both receiving and discharging organs is the Heart.

The Holy Spirit enters into the heart of man. The heart is the organ that receives the Holy Spirit.

God places thoughts in the Heart/mind of man. We may be refer to the heart as the mind.

He has placed eternity in the hearts of men Ecclesiastes 3 : 19.

Circumcised and obedient Heart

The characteristics of the Heart that makes it a discharging organ is it’s Obedience.

The instructions and directions we receive through the receiving organs are only discharged with the discharging organs when the heart is obedient.

It’s impossible for one to carry out Devine instructions when the heart is disobedient. Samuel is an example of one with an obedient heart.


From the explanation above, we can bring into conclusion that the whole body should glorify the Lord {Romans 6 : 13}. But the Heart, Eyes, Ears, Hands and Tongue {the mouth} are the five important organs that receives and discharge God’s instructions.

Have you learnt something?. Do you have something to add? The comment box is open.

Pray and stay alive.

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