The Spiritual Eyes and Ears {Receiving Organs}

The Spiritual Eyes and Ears


The eye is the Spiritual organ in a man that receives vision and revelation from God. Paul said in 1st Corinthians 14 : 39 that we should eagerly desire the gift of Prophecy.

Unlike the physical eye, the Spiritual eye doesn’t only have the lone ability to descry physical things. It sees beyond the physical. To the extent that a man with physical visual impairment can still see vision.

Jesus said unto Ananias in Acts 9 vs 12 that Paul {who was physically blind} had seen in a vision a man called Ananias placed his hand on him to restore his sight. Remember Paul was blind for 3 days and could still see vision.

A physically blind man that sees spiritually is better than a man with physical eyes but blind spiritually.

What is an eye that cannot see? An eye that sees but cannot remember what it saw or one that sees, remembers but doesn’t understand?

Many times people dream or see visions but find it difficult to remember what they had seen. Even if they remember, they find it difficult to understand.

This is because they fail to charge more in prayers for God to give them understanding and wisdom to discern.


The ear is another important spiritual organ through which the Holyspirit speaks to man.

If Samuel was spiritually deaf, he wouldn’t have heard when God called him.

A deaf man that hears the voice of the Spirit is better off to a man with physical hears but spiritually deaf.

What is a ear that cannot hear? A ear that hears but cannot understand or discern the voice of the Spirit.

A ear that cannot hear, understand or discern is not different from a deaf ear.

Just as explained under spiritual eyes above, many people hears but it’s so tough for them to discern or understand that which they’ve heard.

This is also because they don’t charge more in prayers to ask God for wisdom and understanding.

You don’t just pray for God to open your eyes to see and then relax. You have to constantly desire and pray for you to see and understand more visions.

In conclusion, there’s nothing one cannot receive through prayers. It just requires willingness, dedication and most importantly Faith.

The Eyes and the Ears are the two receiving spiritual organs in man. A man who doesn’t see or hear from God is a wanderer.

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