Things a believer must do daily. {7 important things}

Things a believer must do daily

A farmer who wills to attain a certain amount of profit from his poultry has to take Care of his birds daily so the profit can be attainable.

We live in the world but as believers and christ likes {Christians}, God wills we should not be of the world.

So for us to obey God’s will, we ought to carry out some daily activities. These activities keeps us strong and ready for the coming of the Son of man.

Remember the question for last week was “what are those things a believer should always take note of everyday?”. And we’ve got several answers from great lovers of God.

So we’ll be filing those necessary things a believer must do daily.

Our everyday activities as believers includes ;

  1. Praying and Studying the Bible. These two are very crucial in a believer’s daily schedule. Prayer is our shield while the words of God is our Sword. Your prayers should include worshiping and giving thanks to God.
  2. Keeping a Spiritual atmosphere. This may be listening to spiritual music, discussing the words of God with friends and family etc. It can go as long as fellowshipping just within the four corners of a room.
  3. Evangelism Mark 16 : 15. A day should not pass without you telling at least one person that Jesus loves you. Souls without Christ are perishing day by day, Remember there is Joy in Heaven over a soul that repent. This even makes you ever ready. #saveasoulperday
  4. Giving/helping others. Even God said the best way to practice religion is to help the orphans and widows. James 1 : 27. If possible, make sure you help someone in a day.
  5. Reconciliation {Eph 4:26}. we live in a very small World that you can sleep in the night and not wake up the next morning. Man pls do not keep grudge till the next, find a way to settle it that very day before going to bed, remember that very line in the Lord’s prayer “as we forgive those who trespass against us”…No matter our shortcomings, God forgives us! Learn to live a forgiving life, reconcile and make peace with all men.
  6. Seeking God’s direction. This should be explained under the first point but it needs a special awareness. When you don’t know the way to go, you’ll go through lots of stress and might not even get to the destination. But when you seek and follow God’s directions as you step out, you’ll land smoothly with little or no sweat. Take it as a priority to depend on God’s direction daily.
  7. Being thankful and appreciative. This also should be included in the first point but we have to be thankful to men too. Learn to say “thank you” whenever you receive something from humans like you. And when you see something done with effort, even if not for you, appreciate it.

Truth being told, there are several regularities a believer needs to exhibit daily. A believer who doesn’t portray the fruit of the spirit everyday is still missing it.

A christian is a man with the likeness of Christ. So I urge us to stay focused on the daily activities of Christ when He was in the world.

Pray, Stay safe and be blessed

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