What is your favorite Bible verse or chapter? (Question for the week)

What is your favorite Bible verse or chapter?

Out of 31,102 verses from 1,189 Chapters in the bible, it is impeccable and verifiable to say different individuals will have different favorite verses and chapters.

So starting from us, our favorite chapter in the bible is one that deals with Faith. This was when Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant in Luke 7

The level of trust this man had in Jesus was compared to none in Israel. Jesus confirming it Himself. He so much believed Jesus’ words can heal his servant even without seeing him.

So this is our favorite chapter in the bible, although there are lots of chapters and verses we so much embrace.

Now back to you, what is your favorite Bible verse or chapter? Make sure you drop your comment. Don’t just read and pass. Let people know why you love them too.

Read the voice/words of God

Pray and stay happy

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  1. Seriously i have so many favorite Bible verses and chapter…there are many so many in fact I love the Bible 😍

    But I will go with 1john 3

    The whole chapter

    It centered on Love

    Like the real definition of Love

    The kind of love we should always portray to others

    The Love God have for
    us …

    The true gospel is center on Love, genuine Love

    Like it goes on and on

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