Poverty is not Holiness. {But being poor may be Holy}

Poverty is not Holiness. {But being poor may be Holy}

I’ve been seeing people uploading a post advicing parents to tell their kids to make money before adults tell them money is evil. That being poor is holy.

It got me really hard so I had to write this down to clear people’s thoughts by telling them the truth.

Now looking at how wealthy great men of God are nowadays, we can conclude that poverty is not holiness. Because they are rich, wealthy and infact flourishing as well.

Even 2 Corinthians 8:9 explains to use how Jesus became poor for us to be rich.

So the question is ;

Why will being poor be holy?

When an adult says being poor is holy, there are two things involved.

Its either the adult is a lazy Old folk who has toiled so much all his years but has nothing to show for it OR the adult is a believer.

If the adult is that lazy old folk, there’s only one thing you should do, kindly ignore and don’t believe him. {remember, a rich man will never tell you to remain poor}. But if the adult is a believer there’s also only one thing involved.

He only shortened a complex sentence. The clause “Being poor is Holy” has a concluding clause that makes it a complex sentence. Which is ;

Being poor is Holy rather than getting rich in ways that are offensive to God.

Therefore, if you’re a parent and you are sitting your kids down to advice them, let them know “it is better to be poor than to acquire wealth in ways that God isn’t pleased with”.

When you are diligent in serving God and working, there’s no how you will be poor . All you need is to keep on praying and be patient.

Now even kids who are directed by the spirit would know being poor is holy than offending God,not only an adult. Getting understanding about what is right isn’t for the aged alone Job 32 vs 8,9.

Train your kid with the truth and not just with worldly sayings. Life after death matters alot please.

Pray, Stay Safe and healthy


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