Effects of the doings of man in heaven and hell.

Effects of the doings of man in heaven and hell

The doings of every man at every point on earth has effect both in Heaven and Hell. It is either it provokes heaven and gladden hell or gladden heaven and provoke hell.

It is impossible for a man to do things that will gladden the heavens and hell at same time. When a man repents from his sins, it definitely add a smile to the face of the already smiling angels in heaven.luke 15:10 But this saddens the agents of hell and devil himself.

When a man falls into temptation, you dont expect the heavens to rejoice over that but do you know the kind of feast that will happen in hell.

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It is therefore paramount to note that anything you do that gladdens the heavenly hosts will definitely provoke and sadden the hosts of hell.

I urge us to be conscious and cautious of everything thing we do and always ask ourselves a very important question.

This thing I’m about to do, will it cause the heavenly hosts to rejoice and provoke the host of hell or vice versa?

Don’t do things that will provoke heaven and make hell kill their fattest ram.

I pray the Perfect and Holy spirit of God will direct and correct us every minute of our lives in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pray and StaySafe

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Effects of the doings of man in heaven and hell

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