Six {6} acts of the flesh that can make one forfeit heaven.

Six {6} acts of the flesh that can make one forfeit heaven

“Nobody Holy” this is one of the most used term when it comes sin and corruption in the world {Nigeria as a case sample}. Now this is actually true to some extent because the Bible says no one can stand if God should mark iniquities. Psalm 130:3. Nevertheless God’s mercies are ever new Lamentations 3:23 and available for every repentant heart.

Apostle Paul while writing to the Galatians church made mention of some acts of the flesh. He aforetime said the flesh acts inversely to the Spirit. Therefore, one who acts according to the flesh is not been led by the Spirit and thus won’t inherit the Kingdom of God. Remember, those who are led by the spirit of God are called the sons of God. Romans 8 : 14. And no one who isn’t the son of God can inherit the kingdom of the Father.

Note : The first step to being a son of the Father is believing the Father and His first begotten son. The Holy Spirit is given at the point of salvation and salvation begins at the point at which one believes. Read Salvation

So the question is, What are these acts of the flesh?

Acts of the Flesh

Paul {in Galatians 5} listed several acts that makes a man who indulge in them forfeit the Kingdom of God. They include;

1. Debauchery

This is a single word that carries the identity of several words. It is the excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol and drugs. So sexual impurity, sexual immorality, excessive intake of alcohol & drugs {drunkenness}, orgies are all embedded under debauchery. No man who derive pleasure in any of this will make heaven.

2. Idolatory and witchcraft.

These two works hand in hand. There’s no witchcraft without Idolatory. God doesn’t sponsor a witch’s power, therefore there must be something the witch trust upon for power. God is a jealous God and no one who genuinely serve God should worship any other god or idol before or after Him. You may not have an idol you personally worship or feed in your room but when you run to someone who doesn’t run to God for help, you’re indirectly worshipping and trusting an Idol.

3. Hatred, Jealousy and envy.

Do you feel sad whenever your friend pulls up in his car?. Have you ever hated a close relative due to things s/he has but you don’t have? If yes, it is high time you stop and ask God for forgiveness. Because no one who is found with any of these acts will inherit the kingdom of God. God commanded us to love our neighbors just as ourselves. Therefore, hating your friend because he has a car is like hating yourself because you have a car. Also, one who is directed by the spirit should patiently know and understand time and seasons. The space you use to harbor resentment should be used to trust more in God. He’s able to do exceedingly more than what you can ask for.

4. Factions, dissensions, discord and disagreement.

There was a time I just feel the urge to argue and disagree in a way with any theory I come across with. Thank God for the Spirit of truth. Are you the type of person that never agree with people?. Do people find it difficult to share their opinion with you?. Do you feel the urge to gather people just to counter a group of people’s opinion?. Its high time you effect a change because all heavenly host acts in one accord thus one who doesn’t see sense in unity cannot make it to such a united environment.

5. Selfish Ambitions, greed.

In every of your endeavors, if all you think of and focus on is how you alone will benefit, it is as good as bad. Greediness shouldn’t be amongst the attributes of a believer. A good example is one who despite having the power to claim all benefits from a particular project makes it of mutual benefits to all. Stop thinking and caring for yourself alone. Let the level of care you have for yourself be the exact level of care you have for every one you’re engaging with. Love your neighbor as yourself. Without doing so, you may forfeit the kingdom of God.

6.Anger / Fits of Rage.

Peter got angry when they laid hands on Jesus {his master} and drew out a sword to cut down the ear of one of the soldiers but Christ in his gentility replaced the ear. Luke 22. Imagine Jesus christ taking a sword and cutting off the second ear. This tells us a story that “Gentility isn’t stupidity’’. Remember it was earlier said that the acts of the flesh are inversely proportional to the fruits of the spirit. Anger alone goes against gentleness, patience, meekness, self control, peace, joy and infact almost all the fruits of the Spirit. You there, take a chill pill. Neither anger nor rage will solve the problem, calm down, think and figure a way out.

In conclusion, we know grace abounds above all things but a student who reads and masters all the laws of Chemistry alone wont succeed when he sits for Commerce exam. So endeavor to stay away from the acts of the flesh. Pray more in the Holy Ghost and desire to have the fruits of the spirit. Do well to have them on your mind daily so they can grow. Gal 5 vs 22 – 23

Did you learn one or two? Is there something on your mind you want to say? Do well to share them in the comment box.

Stay safe and God bless you


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