Relating every situation and problems to the words of God.

Relating every situation and problems to the words of God.

Scripture Focus

John 14 : 13 to 14And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it’’

A student who is closely related to the Vice Chancellor {VC} of an institution needs an approval from the Deputy registrar of that same institution. He walked straight into the DR’s office, tendered his needs and was disregarded.

This same student after coming to the realization of his relationship with the VC went to him as regards the same issue. The VC told him to go and mention his name to the DR so he can be approved. On mentioning the VC’s name to the DR, the DR asked him to go back to request for a written statement from the VC.

In short, the VC gave him a written statement, he tendered it to the DR and he was approved.

Disecting the story above, the student had a problem and he tried solving it alone but he failed. He later realized a source of help but didn’t know how to correctly utilize it. In short he was later directed and his problem was solved.

The relationship of the Story to our normal lives

Just like the student in the above story, myriads individuals have problems. But all they do is try solve them without God and they never succeed.

It is pertinent to understand the need to relate every problems to God. Because He’s the only source that you can find a legit solution. A solution that will never result back to a problem.

The relationship of the story to the word of God

Relating the story to our scripture focus. God is the VC and the VC’s name is Jesus. Just like the student, when you come to the realization of your relationship with God {The VC} ; then you understand that any problem you involve the name of Jesus {the VC’s name} will surely be solved. {Scripture Focus}.

Don’t get confused, just as God is the holy trinity, the VC can be regarded as the Vice Chancellor and also MR so so and so.

Now a very important question that may or may not run in your head is ;

Why did the DR request for a written statement?

psalm 138 vs 2b “ For You have magnified Your word above all Your name’’

God Himself magnifies and honors His words above His name. This shows the importance of God’s word. Even the affirmation we get in His name was written in His words.

The DR can just approve the student’s request when he mentioned the VC’s name. But he only needed a back up to confirm the name.

Imagine someone who do hear that whenever you ask for anything in Jesus name he’ll get it but doesn’t know after asking in His name you still have to believe before you can receive it, no matter how long it takes.

Thus, calling on the name of Jesus and backing it up with the word of God really goes a long way in solving problems.

Examples of situations and how to relate them to God’s words in prayers.

  • Pain and Poverty : Jabez is a very common example of a poor man that was blessed through prayers in the bible. If you’re in any pain or poverty, remember to cry out to God by calling upon the name of Jesus and relating it to how he answered the prayers of Jabez.
  • Wisdom : The day I discovered how to pray this prayer of wisdom, I was really glad. It goes thus ;

Lord Jesus, Elisha asked for the double portion of Elijah’s annoining and you gave it unto him. Solomon asked for wisdom and you gave him even more than just wisdom. Also your words said we should ask anything in your name that you’ll give unto us. So father I ask for the double portion of Solomon’s wisdom in Jesus name.

  • Barrenness and unfruitfulness : Sarah and Hannah were two popular biblical figures that experienced barrenness. Hannah’s story is just like a pathway for every woman who finds herself in a barren condition to follow. How can you determine to surrender the life of an unborn child to God and He will not give you the child, knowing that what he’s giving you will still be His. Therefore, while praying and calling the name of Jesus, remember to remind God of how he answered Hannah’s prayer and also follow Hannah’s style or even do something more pleasant to God.

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In conclusion,

2nd Chronicles 7 vs 14 says ; if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

In this text, prayer is not the only thing that will make God heal the land, it requires praying and seeking with an humble heart and also turning from the wicked ways.

Thus, if the people of the land should pray for a hundred years but fails to turn from their wicked ways, the land will remain the same.

This explains why one who only prays and call the name of Jesus might not get all he wants without reading, obeying and relating them with the words of God.

Endeavor to read and relate every of your problems to the words of God while calling the name of Jesus in prayers. I pray God answers all our prayer requests in Jesus name. Amen.

Stay safe and stand Strong. God is for you.

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