You can still be saved!

Bible Reference : Acts 9:1-6 KJV

In our Bible Reference above, Apostle Paul {then Saul} persecuted the Church of God. He threatened the disciples. He was totally against preaching the gospel. He never had the potential of being an Apostle. No one ever thought that he could stand to proclaim Christ. However his latter days were spent showcasing God’s power and sovereignty.

Believe me, you’ve not done half of what this great Apostle did before he encountered Christ. Not at all.

Remember, this same man somehow supported the stoning of Stephen to death. He even went far to request for a letter of permission to detain any disciple he finds on the way.

So, no matter how far you’ve gone with sins and iniquities, there’s still a way out. You can still live your life for the ONE who gave it to you. YEAH, YOU CAN.

You can easily choose to surrender all now, confess, forsake and follow. Or better still, let Christ encounter you in His own way. Just like He did for Apostle Paul.

Don’t forget that Apostle Paul thought He would be praised for making the effort of journeying to detain the disciples. Unknowing to him that Christ already programmed an encounter for him.

Smokers, addicts, fornicators, liars, idolaters and lots more. You still have a chance with God only if you choose to surrender now.

Key Point : Surrender, confess, forsake and Follow Christ.

Prayer : May you embark on a trip that will illuminate your life and change your story for Good in Jesus name, Amen.

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