Living a fulfilled life

Living a fulfilled life

I was with my students few days ago to have a little discussion with them.

I initially told them I’d be coming down to their level to answer any questions they need answers to.

Then boom, one of them threw out the first question : Uncle, How can we fulfill the future?

Based on my perception, the question tends to inquire more on how one can live a fulfilled life.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I was able to elaborate on some points that I believe made justice to the question asked.

How can one live a fulfilled life?

Here are major points on how to live a fulfilled life.

  1. Salvation : This is the foundation of everything on earth. Only on rare cases can a man achieve anything {through God} prior to his salvation. You can’t build a house without laying a foundation. Lay the foundation first and let’s proceed. Read A letter to the world on Salvation. 2 Peter 3:10
  2. Strive to know more of God : You don’t just give your life to Christ and go on with your life, Never. You begin to fulfill your life the moment you start having the hunger to know more of God.
  3. Inquire to Know your Purpose : there’s a divine purpose for every man. There are several ways one can know about it but the major way I’ll recommend is by fasting and praying for God to reveal it to you personally {probably in a dream}. This is the importance of you knowing more of God. When you’re intimate with Him, He rewards you by revealing things to you. Hebrews 11 vs 6
  4. Focus on God and your purpose : Place your focus on God and depend on him to help you achieve your purpose. I would have loved to tell you to focus on your purpose but many people tend to prioritize their focus on their purpose than God.
  5. Maintain good relationships with men but not to the detriment of your relationship with God. If your relationship with man tends to make you offend God, do not hesitate to Terminate it.

When you diligently observe these few points and many more, you are on the verge of living a fulfilled life.

NOTE : Wealth doesn’t connote fulfillment The main definition of a fulfilled life is a life well spent to achieve divine purpose and eternal life. No sinner/rebel can live eternally. Do away with any form of sins.

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