Why should you give your life to Christ?

It is no more new to many that Jesus died and rose again. Peradventure it is new, We’re glad to bring to your notice the story of how the whole world was saved and redeemed from sin and the Devil.

God sacrificed his only son for the redemption of man kind. Jesus also for the love he has for man surrendered himself to be sacrificed.

However, God attached one major thing which is needful for everyone who wants to benefit from the death and resurrection of Christ. But, the devil with his cunning character has deprived many the right sense of believing and confessing Jesus as Lord and saviour.

On the other hand, we believe some still don’t have better understanding on why they should believe in and give their life to Christ. In attempt to solve the problem, we have prepared some answers to a very important question;

Why should you give your life to Christ?”

  • It’s the key to eternal life : John 3:16 explains how whosoever believes in the sacrifice God gave to the world will have eternal life. Believing in Christ is the foundation of the race to eternal life.
  • Escape route from Sin (Law) to Righteousness : Abraham laid the foundation of righteousness through faith in God. Moses received the seal of righteousness by Law but Christ laid the foundation of righteousness through faith in Him{the Sacrifice of God}. Romans 10 vs 4.
  • Requisite for the HolySpirit : according to Apostle Paul in Ephesians 1:13 There is a promise of the Holy Spirit and only genuine believers of Christ can receive the promise. It is important to note that every man is helpless and comfortless without the Holy Spirit.
  • Freedom from eternal damnation : There is an eternal damnation awaiting every sinner. No sinner will go Unpunished. But just as the first point reveals, anyone who has eternal life is free from eternal damnation.
  • To be a partaker of the 7 Restored Entities : Revelation 5 vs 12 listed out 7 things that the death of Christ restored back to God. And only those who first believe in the death of Christ and then accept him as Lord and saviour can partake of these things.

Note please, dont limit the reasons why you should give your life to Christ to the above discussed. There are several hidden things which you’ll only get to know when you come into light. So I advice you, believe in Christ, confess Him and Put your trust in Him. Take Him serious, follow Him and Watch out for transformation

Finally, we don’t end our journey in life, we only transcend into another phase. There are only two phases, LIFE and DEATH. And how you live now determines where You’re going. You board the bus to eternal Life the day you give your life to Christ.

Are you still heading to eternal death or you’ve boarded the bus to eternal Life?. Ask yourself this question and tell yourself the truth.

However, if you want to board the bus heading to eternal Life, Read A letter to the world on Salvation. 2 Peter 3:10

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