A good heart ♥

The things happening in the world are so unfriendly to the extent that we hardly find people with good hearts again.

It’s normal when you want to do good and the thoughts of the situation and conditions of things in the world crosses your mind. But it’s wrong when you get discouraged by them.

In fact, there are few bad people but plenty people with good but discouraged hearts.

However, a man with a good heart should not stop being good. Reason being the more good men stop being good, the less people tends to meet good men.

Also, When a man with a good heart stops being good , it simply connotes that the good heart has been corrupted.You can’t have a good heart and not do good.

In summary, do good wholeheartedly. The more of good you do, the more of God you reveal because God is Good. Mark 10:18

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